Representing a Father who wished to relocate with his child

Sandria represented a Father in an application for relocation, where the Mother was acting as a Litigant in Person.

The Father was the primary carer for the child, and the Mother was not taking up the supervised contact she was offered.

The Father and child lived with the paternal grandparents, and the proposal was for them to move elsewhere in the country. He had confirmation that his job could be re-located without difficulty.

The Mother was largely in support of the relocation, but her responses were inconsistent. As a Litigant in Person she also mistakenly thought this was an opportunity to seek to change the current contact arrangements.

Sandria’s close attention to detail was required for this case, as corrections had to be made to some fundamental information in the safeguarding letter from CAFCASS as well as some minor mistakes.

The matter was adjourned for a s. 7 Report to be completed, and the status quo of contact arrangements will remain in place. The parties are to do statements giving clear proposals for the relocation and suggested contact arrangements. Upon receipt of the report, the matter will be returned to Court for a directions hearing and a final hearing if required.