Resolving a family claim at mediation

Dean represented a husband and wife in a dispute against the wife’s father and step-mother regarding their respective interests in a property.

The parties had initially decided to ‘pool’ their respective resources in order to purchase a property which required considerable improvement, on the basis that the husband and wife would carry out the works and build a ‘granny annex’ on the land in which the wife’s father and step-father could reside.

Unfortunately, as is often the case, and despite best intensions, the parties’ relationship fractured prior to the construction work being completed and proceedings were anticipated. As is also often the case, little thought had been given at the outset as to what would happen in such circumstances, and a TOLATA claim was threatened.

The parties sensibly agreed to mediate at an early stage, at which Dean represented the husband and wife. Dean was able to negotiate a settlement which resulted in the husband and wife retaining the property, as they had sought to do.