Respecting the contact wishes of a child

Sandria acted for a Mother in a case where the child had requested that contact with the Father should cease. In response, the Father had issued an enforcement application and accused Sandria’s client of harassment.

Throughout this case, between hearings, Sandria’s client was subject to constant harassment by the Father, both at home and in her workplace, resulting in his being placed under bail conditions to have no direct or indirect contact.

Sandria was able to help her client to develop strategies for resisting the controlling and coercive behaviour to which she had been subjected. The Mother expressed her appreciation of the support that Sandria gave her to enable her to ensure that her son’s wishes and feelings were ultimately respected.

A contact regime was put in place which followed the arrangements the son had requested, and the order was tightly worded in order to ensure that the Father would follow arrangements, particularly in respect of handovers and communication, and not breach his bail conditions.