Securing Damages and Part 36 Costs in a Personal Injury Claim

Rachel successfully represented her client, the Claimant, at trial, and secured not only damages for the client but also additional costs and damages under the Part 36 costs’ rules.

Rachel’s client had been injured in a road traffic accident and whilst the Defendant driver admitted causing an accident it was suggested by the Defendant and their solicitors that the Claimant had exaggerated the level of impact and lied about her injuries.

Through skilful cross-examination Rachel was able to pick apart the Defendant’s version of events and to secure damages in favour of her client.  As her client’s solicitors had made an offer to settle the case for a sum lower than Rachel in fact secured at trial, the Claimant was also awarded additional costs and damages under the Part 36 rules.

Rachel’s client was delighted not only with the outcome of the case but also with the warm and friendly way in which Rachel had spoken with her at court which had increased her confidence about giving evidence.