Supporting a Mother

Sandria represented a Mother, where the Father had made a further application to change a current CAO, which included changing the child’s arrangements from living with Mother to a shared care arrangement.

The Father had previously applied to change the arrangements, but without changing the living arrangements. There was indication that the Father is controlling, manipulative and his behaviour had amounted to being coercive and bullying.

At court, the Father acted as Litigant in Person, and his submissions took well over two hours, whilst Sandria’s representation was complete in under 30 minutes. The Father was accompanied by a McKenzie Friend, whose attitude made speaking with the Father virtually impossible.

Thanks to Sandria’s succinct and effective representation, the Bench found in favour of her client, with the children continuing to live with her, and consolidating the Father’s contact in alternate weeks. Holiday contacts were also defined. Directions also included specialised days and re-introduction of a contact book, but allowed Father to retain the children’s passports, with clear direction that they be passed to the Mother if required.