Evidencing alcohol use or abstinence in private law cases:

Private Law (Child Arrangements Programme (CAP))

29 November 2022

Having had a spate of cases recently when parental alcohol misuse was being raised as an issue that may impact on the arrangements for children I found the following two articles published on Family Law Week (Familylawweek.co.uk) very helpful:

The more recent article written by Rachel Davenport, Co-founder and Director at AlphaBiolabs reviews the available alcohol monitoring technology that can be used to monitor current and ongoing use of alcohol:

Alcohol monitoring technology: what you need to know

Whilst the article from January of this year written by Harriet Challenger, Laboratory Manager (Toxicology) at AlphBiolabs sets out what makes PEth testing the most conclusive of the blood alcohol tests available and how it compares to hair strand testing.

Blood alcohol testing: how PEth is leading the way

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