Life as a Pupil Barrister at Becket Chambers

01 December 2023

In the months immediately leading up to the commencement pupillage on October 2nd 2023, I attended networking & Law Society events, and Chambers’ 30th anniversary celebration. This enabled me to meet Chambers’ members prior to beginning pupillage and to form relationships with several legal professionals. I have since hit the ground running.

A standout moment thus far was shadowing my pupil supervisor at a multi-track trial at the Rolls Building in a probate matter. The complexities of this area require a thorough understanding of the law governing inheritance, estates & wills. The trial demonstrated the importance of meticulous preparation & the necessity for a barrister to adeptly think on their feet and accurately respond to complex judicial intervention.

I shadowed a member at a multi-track trial at the RCJ, involving a complex Chancery Law dispute involving a right of way. It highlighted the significance of accurate cross examination questioning and comprehensive understanding of property and trusts law. I drafted the attendance note in this matter distilling key submissions made, key points of cross examination and the judgment which furthered my learning.

One of the most high-profile cases I’ve been involved in dealt with forfeiture of cash, which was heavily featured in the press. I drafted a skeleton argument in this matter. This experience underscored the importance of maintaining composure and professionalism when responding to the other side’s submissions. Clear, cogent and compelling legal submissions can often achieve the desired result for the client.

In the realm of Family Law, I have been exposed to Chambers’ practice areas of Public, Private and Family Finance matters. I was involved in a domestic abuse matter, shedding light on the sensitive nature of these cases and the court’s approach to safeguarding vulnerable individuals. A different matter required a part 25 application for a psychiatric report. This highlighted the intersection of law and mental health, emphasizing the need for empathy and a comprehensive understanding of mental health issues.

In addition to the courtroom experience, I sat in on several conferences, as well as a mediation. This has enabled me to appreciate the nuanced approaches required when conferencing with lay clients versus professional clients. I was also able to observe my pupil supervisor in the role of a Mediator which requires a much different approach to what is required when acting as Counsel.

I have drafted various documents, including: defences, particulars of claim, court orders, attendance notes, advices and skeleton arguments. The feedback I have received has been beneficial and will greatly assist me in preparation for my second six whilst I continue to hone my legal drafting and research skills.

I also spoke at an event focused on disability and breaking down barriers. I provided guidance to aspiring barristers on obtaining pupillage which was a humbling experience. It was a reminder of the responsibility we have as junior legal professionals to mentor and guide the next generation.

Chambers has a unique approach to pupillage in that I have been assigned various mentors who devote their time to allow pupils to learn as much as possible in the various practice areas. The benefits obtained thus far have been invaluable. Chambers’ clerking team, my pupil supervisor, my mentors as well as the head of pupillage have all provided exceptional support to me thus far and I am grateful to them for making this a seamless transition for me. I look forward to the future as I continue to develop my career at my dream set.

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