Protecting a wife’s pre-marriage assets

Divorce & Matrimonial Finance

28 November 2023

Christopher represented a wife in a divorce and matrimonial finance case, where the assets comprised the family home, a property portfolio and the wife’s pension (acquired prior to the marriage).

In this mid-term marriage, the wife was in her mid-60s and the husband in his mid-50s, and they had no children. The family home had been bought largely using money from the sale of the wife’s pre-marriage home, and she had used inheritance monies to improve the property and support the husband.

The husband was a builder and property developer with a substantial portfolio of properties (around half acquired pre-marriage), along with plots of land outside the UK.

Christopher successfully negotiated a settlement whereby the wife retained the marital home, the remainder of her inheritance and her pension, and also received a lump sum in lieu of periodical payments.

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