Protecting a Wife’s share of high value matrimonial assets

Divorce & Matrimonial Finance

28 November 2023

Christopher acted for the Wife in a case where the family owned two properties valued in excess of £1million. The first was the family home, which also housed the Husband’s IT business in a part converted for commercial use. The second was commercial premises divided into flats and retail units.

The Wife had bought the family home to the marriage and it had been borrowed against to buy the second premises. Both properties had been transferred into the joint names.

The Husband had operated a number of businesses out of the commercial premises with varying degrees of success, although by the time of the proceedings he only had the IT business left, and the parties both had significant debts.

At the FDR hearing, protracted negotiations led to and agreed settlement in which Christopher’s client retained the majority of the equity in the family home despite the long relationship and mingling of assets.

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