Retaining the family home and achieving equality of retirement income for a Wife

Divorce & Matrimonial Finance

28 November 2023

Christopher represented the Wife throughout this case, at every hearing up to and including the final hearing. The couple’s marriage had been medium term, with two children, the eldest of which had significant health issues. The Wife had given up her career to look after the children and now earned a part-time salary, received tax credits and had nominal pensions, whereas the Husband’s earnings were substantial and he had a large pension pot.

Although Christopher’s client was over-housed, she wished to retain the family home as it was near the children’s schools. In particular, she wanted to stay there until the youngest child had secured a place at the Mother’s secondary school of choice.

With Christopher’s representation throughout, the case was settled with his client receiving 70% of the home with a deferred sale until youngest child was at secondary school. The Wife was to receive spousal maintenance until the Husband retired, and a pension sharing order gave the parties equality of income at retirement.

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