Civil Mediation

Becket Chambers’ skilled mediators can help you to resolve your dispute quickly, cost-effectively and without having to go to court.


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Mediation can be used to reach a swift, cost-effective resolution to a dispute without having to go to court. Becket Chambers’ skilled mediators can help you to reach an amicable, confidential resolution far more quickly. Using a barrister as an independent third party to help you to negotiate a settlement can enable you to reach a binding agreement whilst also maintaining your relationship with the other party. Mediation can be used at any stage – before going to court or even after proceedings have begun.

Our mediation-trained barristers are able to mediate civil and commercial disputes of all types and sizes. Mediation can either take place at a location selected by the clients involved, or we can provide the space needed, including private rooms.


Our mediators are able to deal with all types of civil or commercial matters, including contract disputes, wills and probate matters, property and housing disputes, neighbour and boundary issues, personal injury, professional negligence and business/company disputes.

The mediation process is private and has a very high success rate. In fact, a settlement agreed via mediation is more likely to be stuck to than one imposed by the court, and the resolution can be reached much more quickly. Mediation rarely takes longer than one day, and often less than that, depending on the nature of the dispute.

If a resolution cannot be reached and court proceedings follow later, the confidential nature of mediation means the Judge cannot be informed of what was previously discussed. However, the issues are likely to have been narrowed, often making it simpler for the Judge to make a ruling.


Civil Mediation Barristers

Our accredited mediators bring their approachable, objective, pragmatic style to mediation, encouraging clients to reach constructive resolutions.

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Paul Tapsell

1991 (Middle Temple)

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Sita Cox

1987 (Middle Temple)


"Sophie was so amazing yesterday, I was in awe of her brilliance!!! She slayed the other side, I felt like I was in the best hands possible."

Client instructing Sophie Gray through Solicitors

"Magdalena was very good. She was efficient, built up a good rapport with the client and communication was excellent. I would not hesitate to instruct her again."

Miss L from Solicitors instructing Magdalena Cass

"Nicole who represented me was really brilliant within the hearings so thank you for having her involved and having her return to do the hearings with me."

Client instructing Nicole Jennings through Solicitors

"Lavinia was great. I found her very helpful and so did the client. I will instruct her again in the future."

Miss H from solicitors instructing Lavinia Glover

"Thank you for your note and all your hard work. I certainly appreciated it, and I know ‘X’ did too."

Miss B from solicitors instructing Adrian Pidduck

"You were amazing, thank you so much. You are seriously worth your weight in gold… I will definitely be using your services again."

Ms V Instructing Clive Styles through DPA scheme