Cara Radford

2016 (Gray’s Inn)

Date of call

2016 (Gray’s Inn)


BSc (Hons) Applied Criminology and Legal Studies, Canterbury Christ Church University 2014
BPTC, City Law School 2016

Cara has a busy practice and welcomes clients in Private Law – Children, Family Law Act applications and Personal Injury proceedings. Within Private Law – children she is a particular specialist in representing victims of all kinds of domestic abuse, including violence, sexual abuse, coercive and controlling behaviour and psychological or financial abuse. She also covers cases including Children Act applications and non-molestation orders.

Cara is friendly and approachable, and values the opportunity to spend time building relationships with her clients. Her decision to become a barrister came from the desire to help people to deal with the legal system. Having undertaken pro bono work with City Law School’s Family Advice Scheme, she understands how daunting the court process can be to those who haven’t previously experienced it.

She knows how reassuring it is for people to work with the same person, who understands and is sympathetic towards their issues, so she aims to work with them throughout the court process.

In civil law, she has handled numerous small claims and fast-track cases. These include road traffic accidents (including claims for assessment of damages) and non-payment of debts. Cara also represents local authorities and private landlords in possession claims.

Cara prides herself on her attention to detail and her ability to assimilate information very quickly in order to put across a case succinctly in court.

Before joining Chambers, Cara worked for a Local Authority and acted as advocate on their behalf in the Magistrates’ Court. This gave her experience of Local Authority litigation and understanding of both the role of applicant and the defence roles and responsibilities.

Cara has also previously taught debating in schools and prisons, including Feltham Young Offenders Institution. This experience helped her to develop her communication skills – ensuring that legal language is explained clearly – as well as helping her to deal effectively with people in many different situations.

Cara frequently represents parents in applications for either Child Arrangements Orders, Prohibited Steps Orders, Specific Issue Orders or a combination of all three. Her clients appreciate her sensitivity to circumstances which are frequently emotionally challenging, as well as her ability to explain things clearly and simply.

She represents her clients at any stage of proceedings, including fact finding hearings where there are allegations of abuse. Cara is happy to accept instructions at any stage; however, she always recommends instruction at the earliest possible opportunity, as the sooner she is involved, the more able she is to help resolve issues.

Her aim is to work with her clients to try and resolve their issues without the need for further hearings, but she will, where necessary, remain with a case until matters are concluded at final hearing. Whilst working sensitively with her clients, she is also a strong advocate in court.

Cara specialises in representing victims of all kinds of domestic abuse, including domestic violence, sexual abuse, coercive control and psychological or financial abuse. She is sensitive to how abuse affects both parents and children, as well as understanding the impact it can have on the case.

Within the cases that Cara handles, there is always scope for negotiations to take place between parties and she is experienced and confident with these negotiations. Her experience frequently allows her to identify and propose alternative arrangements that all parties are happy with in order to find a way forward and bring matters to a close as early as possible.

Through her specialism in representing clients who have suffered domestic abuse, Cara is empathetic towards the sensitivities and the issues involved.

She is fully aware of the additional emotional impact of court proceedings, and is experienced in ensuring that special measures are arranged where required to avoid or minimise contact and confrontation with a perpetrator. She will do everything in her power to make her client feel protected, including arranging separate waiting areas, and personally ensuring her client is accompanied whilst outside the court.
Cara welcomes instruction in all matters concerned with injunctions or non-molestation orders, where the court needs to intervene to control someone’s behaviour and protect adults or children from harm.

She is happy to represent clients whether the application is a stand-alone matter or whether it is part of a wider case relating to child arrangements.

She will act for either party involved in an application, and is experienced in emergency applications where immediate protection is required, as well as where this need for protection is part of a wider case.
Cara specialises in matters relating to landlords and tenants and regularly represents clients in residential possession proceedings. Her clients appreciate her ability to explain the law and the processes clearly and simply. They also appreciate the way that she combines extensive knowledge of the practical aspects of court action with an understanding of the emotions that may be involved in problems relating to property.

Cara’s clients are private landlords and Local Authorities and she has made successful submissions on both mandatory and discretionary grounds in order to achieve possession of their properties.

She has particular experience of cases where both mandatory and discretionary grounds are present, and her ability to analyse information and adjust her arguments has helped her clients to achieve successful results despite complications.
Cara is regularly instructed in personal injury claims, most commonly those which are related to road traffic accidents. She acts at all stages in cases ranging from small claims to fast-track proceedings. She understands that circumstances around making a personal injury claim can be intensely emotional, and the toll that they can take.

Cara is supportive and sensitive to her clients’ needs. Her empathetic nature helps her to adapt her communication style to suit individual clients, but she is also a forceful advocate in court.

As well as advocacy, Cara will provide written advice and pleadings.

She is adept at reviewing the associated information and reports, and her attention to detail helps her clients to feel comfortable throughout what can be an emotional process.

I write to compliment the skills and advocacy of Ms Cara Radford. She represented me in a Family Law case. Her skills and understanding of the brief before her were exemplary. I wish Becket Chambers to know that she is most certainly an asset to your chambers, and I compliment her for her sterling work.

Client instructing Cara Radford through a Solicitor for an Injunction

I am very happy with Chambers, I have used your Counsel on a number of different matters and the service has always been very good. Cara has been fantastic, I have instructed her on a few other matters. Client feedback has been very positive and Cara has been booked for further hearings on these matters. I am very happy with Cara and Chambers as a whole and looking forward to keeping up a great relationship in the New Year.

Mr H from Solicitors Instructing Cara Radford

I can confirm that both ourselves and our client were happy with the services of Cara Radford.

Ms L from Solicitors Instructing Cara Radford – November 2020

Just a note to say she’s been fab on my case, I’ve been in contact more than I usually would as the client very vulnerable, and Cara looked after her brilliantly and with care.

Miss H from solicitors instructing Cara Radford

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